Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I was messing around on digg today, looking for a way to copy the "digg it" button image. While doing so, I think I stumbled on a way to get unlimited diggs on any story! Check for yourself. I tried this in Firefox Can someone verify if this technique also works in IE? Does this work on the Netscape site?


1] Go to a digg story page

2] Right click the "digg it" button icon (under the counter)

3] Select "copy link location"

4] Paste into the address bar and press enter. You should see the counter move up by one, and the "digg it" button will change to "dugg"

5] Then, right click the "dugg" button icon again

6] This time, select view background image

7] Your browser will be taken to a new page displaying that image

8] Then click the browsers back button

9] You will see that the button has changed from "dugg" back to "digg it"

10] You can keep clicking on the "digg it" button now and it will never change to "dugg"

Each time, you will receive the pop-up dialog box stating "You have already dugg this story", but just click ok.

You can keep digging the story again and again!

UPDATE: Turns out that this only updates the local counter. But its still a fun hack!

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