Friday, September 15, 2006


Intel reports seem to indicate that the North Korean leaders health is failing due to onset of diabetes. If these reports are to be believed, he can barely walk at this point...
North Korean reclusive leader Kim Jong-Il's health has further deteriorated and he can no longer walk without difficulty due to worsening diabetes, a South Korean lawmaker said.

Kim, 64, has long suffered from diabetes, kidney and liver problems and now has difficulty walking, said Chung Hyung-Keun, a longtime intelligence official now affiliated with the opposition Grand National Party.


He said the North Korean leader had gone to a top hospital in Beijing for treatment when he traveled to China in January. Kim and his close aides depend on treatment in foreign hospitals due to the North's inferior health care system.

Chung said he obtained the intelligence from "reliable sources" but refused to elaborate.

A diplomatic source in Seoul defended Chung's allegations, saying Kim's health conditions have recently worsened.

"There is information that Kim's health conditions are so poor that he cannot walk normally," the source said.

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