Wednesday, September 27, 2006


According to Sean at the NEIN, several sources are hinting that a large scale WMD attack could happen in Baghdad, during the run-up to the November elections. Is Al Qaeda planning a series of mega-strikes to influence the US elections?
27 September 2006: According to an advisory I recieved this morning from retired AFOSI agent Paul 'Dave' Gaubatz:

"Iraqi citizens have reported our U.S. Troops & Coalition Forces will be the intended target of a major chemical/biological attack in the "Green Zone" 10 - 14 days from the November, 2006 U.S. Elections."

With the US election occuring on November 7, the stated 'window' of this of this WMD strike coincides precisely with the day following the end of Ramadan 2006 (24 October 2006) and the four subsequent days thereafter (25-28 October 2006).

Dave also stated in an email that the Iraqi citizens passing this information to him are known to him personally and that some are members of the Iraqi government. Others are US businessmen in Iraq or with their own contacts in the country. Additional updates will be provided as they are received.

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