Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Tensions have racheted up dramatically over the past 24 hours in the North Korean nuke stand-off. After the U.S. succeeded in getting the U.N. Security Council to pass a (watered-down) resolution condemning the North's first nuke test, North Korea wasted no time in responding. First, they accused the U.N. and the U.S. of declaring a de facto state of WAR on N.Korea and immediately began prepping for a "2nd nuclear test".

Considering how weak and feable our response to the North has been up to this point, I shudder to think of what will happen if Kim Jong-Il sets off another nuke. Will we have another meeting? Maybe restrict his importation of blonde bimbo's and booze? (yes, that is sarcasm) Seriously, what does this guy have to fear at this point. He is already shunned by the world; what does he have to lose. He is trying to provoke a reaction, and the weak and impotant West can only sit by and have meetings.


He is a bully. Any middle schooler knows that in order to get bullies to stop, they need to be taught a lesson. All the talking in the world is not going to do a lick of difference. He needs to understand that this behavior is intollerable. We look so WEAK to the rest of the world right now, it wouldn't hurt to show some balls here, Mr. Bush. Yes. You should have knocked out his launchers when he launched those ballistic missiles back on July 4th. Yes.  You should have done it again last week when he set off the nuke.  But hey. It's not to late to make an impression. Make him back down. Make him understand that this will not be tolerated. And, for God's sake, show the world we are still a bad-ass, not to be f'd with SUPERPOWER!

By the way, the NEIN thinks that the test last week was only the first stage of a 2-stage hydrogen bomb.  The upcoming test, will be a test of both stages....
1.) The now offically acknowledged nuclear test conducted by North Korea a week ago yesterday was actually a test of the first-stage of a two stage hydrogen bomb. The sub-kiloton blast is assessed to have been a complete success.

2.) The much-rumored upcoming test is expected or anticipated in US military cirlces to be a test of both stages of a hydrogen warhead. The consensus is that North Korea plans to test its hydrogen bomb as soon as possible, possibly sometime this week.

One military source has stated the possibility that a combined missile test and h-bomb test might occur, with the warhead detonating in the upper regions of the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.

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