Monday, October 02, 2006


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In the never-ending cycle of left-wing, socialist propaganda coming from Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is now claiming that he has a "spy" inside the White House.
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez said Sunday he has received warnings from within the White House that the Bush administration is plotting to assassinate him or topple his left-leaning government.

Citing what he said were warnings from an alleged White House informant, Chavez told thousands of supporters at a campaign rally that President Bush has ordered him to be killed before he leaves office in 2008.

Bush "has said that before he goes, Hugo Chavez shouldn't be the president of Venezuela," Chavez told the crowd. "The president of the United States has said it, especially in recent days. What he doesn't know is that I have friends in the White House."

The Venezuelan leader has claimed before that the U.S. government is out to kill him allegations that U.S. officials deny.

The latest accusation came a day after he alleged that there had been a recent attempt to assassinate him and said those responsible had since fled to neighboring Colombia.

The real question is: Is this true? Frankly, I hope it is. People jumped all over Pat Robertson when he basically called for Hugo's assassination some months ago. I supported him. Recent events, especially his U.N. 'speech' further illustrate that this man is a dangerous threat to U.S. power in the world. He must be dealt with.

In the mean time, let's stop supporting this dictator. BOYCOTT CITGO! today....

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