Thursday, October 12, 2006


I am a die-hard, independent conservative, and I have decided to sit this election out. I know. I know. My republican friends have already warned me - "if you DON'T vote for a republican, its the same as voting FOR a democrat." Frankly guys... I don't give a damn anymore. I have been so disgusted by the feableness of the Bush Administration and the republican-lead Congress, I cannot, in my right mind, vote for these bozo's again. They promised a return to dignity, conservative values, and security. We got just the opposite. The border is wide open. More illegals are coming here than ever before. Bush hasn't talked about family values or morals in so long, it makes me wonder if he ever gave a damn about them to begin with. And Iraq. Don't get me started. I have never seen a war fought so poorly. We are setting ourselves up to fail. My opinion: If we want to win, let's win. If not, let's get the hell out of there. It's not worth it anymore. I don't give a hell if the Shiites or Sunnis or whoever comes out on top there. I just don't care. But I don't want us in the middle of those mad dogs anymore.

The sad truth is, the democrats aren't any better. So ... what to do. Sit out, that's what. Neither of these parties deserve my vote, and neither will get it.

To borrow a phrase from Michael Savage: Republican or Democrat, Democan or Republicrat. There all the same. It's a choice between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi.

It's all the same. They are corraling us towards New World Order, international socialism whichever one you choose.

This article from Chuck Baldwin is right on the money... read the whole thing:
It seems clear that "conservative" Republicans want to save us from liberal Democrats the same way that German fascists wanted to save their country from communists. In the end, both parties seek to dismantle freedom and constitutional government. They only differ in style; in substance they are twins. While fiercely opposing each other, both parties seek but one thing: unbridled power.

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