Friday, October 20, 2006


North Korea must be taking lessons from Hugo Chavez and Ahmedinejad. Kim Jong Il is really getting good at playing the victim roll whilst simultaneously continuing to threaten the hell out of his enemies. Just yesterday, we had reports from a senior North Korean General that war with the U.S. "will be inevitable". Now, a day later, we have Kim Jong Il himself being quoted as saying "he is sorry about the nuclear test."

I mean, come on. These fools must really think we are stupid. These are classic "two-steps forward, one-step backward" tactics. They are designed to keep us on edge, but will always pull us back just enough such that we won't act militarily. These tactics allow our enemies to continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons, but don't give us the leverage to do anything about it. Iran is playing the same game. Continuing to enhance uranium, all the while stating that they are ready to negotiate.

Our enemies have a found a tactic that we have been unable to counter. We better figure out how to circumvent this strategy soon, or we will be worse off that we can imagine.

It's time to grow some balls Mr. Bush. Sanctions and "tough" talk don't mean sh*t to these thugs! They are biding their time, all the while building their weapons capability. We look as impotant as can be. It's time to prove to the world, once again, why we are the only super-power on the planet.

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